Work Package Deliverables

Deliverables with dissemination level 'Public' are available here.

D1.1 - Systematic review complete (PDF)506.19 KB
D1.2 - Provisional Guidelines developed (PDF)965.22 KB
D1.3 - Definitive Guidelines developed (PDF)1.83 MB
D2.1 - Definition of a standard index for characterizing the CBCT dose distribution v3.1 (PDF)1.45 MB
D2.2 - Completion of scatter dose measurements around CBCTs and recommendations for protective measures and positioning of CBCT units in dental offices v1.0 (PDF)402.28 KB
D2.3 - Determination of effective dose and conversion factors for wide range of operating conditions in representative sample of commercially available CBCT equipment: public version (PDF)252.63 KB
D3.3 - Phantom delivered and QA software validated (PDF)1.85 MB
D3.4 - QA procedure writing (QA protocol) (PDF)1.54 MB
D4.1 - Completion of study of diagnostic accuracy of bone lesion identification and quantification in animal model. V1.0 (PDF)481.64 KB
D4.2 - Completed testing and comparison of the various CBCT and MSCT with the phantom models for segmentation, linear and diagnostic accuracy in vitro. V1.1 (PDF)498.98 KB
D4.3 - Report describing the results of the measurement of linear and diagnostic accuracy for bone quantification using different CBCT scanners (PDF)268.35 KB
D4.4 - Report describing the results of diagnostic accuracy studies (PDF)3.23 MB
D5.1 - Analysis of time and cost spent on 'key' CBCT examinations in all participating radiology departments: public version (PDF)75.93 KB
D5.2 - Completion of cost analysis of CBCT (PDF)305.44 KB
D5.3 - Analysis and calculation of cost-effectiveness of CBCT complete (PDF)157.81 KB
D6.1 - Report of needs analysis of major stakeholders: public version (PDF)63.24 KB
D6.2 - Predefinitive website launched (PDF)1.2 MB
D6.3 - Definitive website launched (PDF)952.76 KB